Welcome to Sweet Petites of Grand Traverse!  Though it may seem I'm only dedicated to Weddings it's far from the truth.  That's like choosing the Chocolate Dessert I like best or which Cheesecake, or Pie for that matter.  Not possible.  But I did want everyone to see my Beautiful Daughter's wedding cake as they came to visit.

Any order from a Pie or Cookie Tray to a Wedding Cake for 200 is met with the same enthusiasm.  Made-from-scratch with the finest ingredients from time-tested family and professional recipes ensures we are in good taste anytime.  Sweet Petites of Grand Traverse can turn most full-sized desserts or appetizers into small portions so you can have variety but also "Indulge Responsibly"  !

So, come on in and sit down.  Take some time to browse through photographs of what I have created for folks just like you.  These are just a few of the cakes and desserts I have made with some of the most popular recipes.  If you don't find what you're looking for just ask.  As a Certified Pastry Chef I have done and can do so much more for you.  Customized for you and always satisfying-let us 'bake everyday special' for you.

Thanks for visiting and be sure to contact me with your order or any questions. 


Brianna and Todd 8.13.11

Brianna and Todd 8.13.11